lunedì 30 novembre 2015


Good morning and good monday folks!
Mondays aren't easy and ain't nobody got time for dat, but here's a sequence of things that might help you go through this unfortunate day of the week.

The first one is an article (italian only) that I've just read, written by Annamaria Testa.
It's a short serie of advices on how to overcome procrastination and give yourself a good start with pretty much anything. You can read it here.

I immediately felt impressed looking at jfrede's "The Fiction Landscape" serie. It consist in a deep research through flea markets to find pictures and framing them in order to create non-existing landscapes.

Tilen Ti 's watercolor pieces are another great thing I've found today. I've never been to much into watercolors but these are too beautiful!

Alright, "Winter is coming" is not just a phase: it's definitely winter now and you might have took the ugly 100% wool sweaters off the shelf, haven't you?
This woman , in the name of Nicola Congdon, has been working for six months knitting sweaters to keep her chickens warm amidst the winter season’s freezing temperatures. 
Now, the 25-years-old woman is receiving special requests for hen sweaters. Rather than selling these knitted creations for her own benefit, Congdon has been donating all the proceeds to an AIDS orphanage in South Africa.

Stiankorntvedruud 's "Daily spoon" project is incredibly awesome. Stian created a spoon per day for a whole year, perfectioning his tecnique exploring its functionalities.
Click here to see the full project. 

The startup Groovebox Living launched a serie of extremely versatile "outdoor objects". Just watch the video below and prepare to order yours!

I hope I've lighten up your day a little!
Have a nice monday,

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