sabato 14 novembre 2015

Saturday Suggestions: Bled Lake in Slovenia

Good morning!
Since we live close to it today I'd like to write something about Slovenia. Have you ever heard about this little and beautiful country that hides a lot of treasuries ready to be discovered?

Located in the North-West of Slovenia, Bled is a touristic attraction no matter the period of the year.
By the way my personal opinion is that it's better to go there during Christmas holidays.

The village is distributed around the perimeter of the lake, with a little island and the Assumption of Mary Pilgrimage church just in the middle of the lake, and with its iconic castle over the hill dominating the landscape.

As I mentioned before, I've been there two years ago with my girlfriend and I was surprised on how many activities Bled provides: there are spas, hotels with saunas and thermal baths, gyms, beer, museums, trails for hikers, little trails for families, canoying on the lake, beer, many good restaurants, and did I mentioned beer?

Last important thing I want to share with you is that from Italy the Bled village is reachable easily by direct train called "Transalpina" from Gorizia. What are you waiting for?

Have a nice weekend guys :)

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