giovedì 5 novembre 2015


Yay, it's thursday again. And this doesn't only mean the weekend is almost here (yeah, mostly) but also that I've picked some cool stuff from Etsy and I'll share it with you.

This period of the year is the one we usually get obsessed by agendas and monthly planner for the year ahead - at least, that would be me. I always think it'll be too late to get it last minute: what if they run out of my favorite one?
Don't let time fool you and grab your agenda now!
(or you can get a Filofax - there's always time for a Filofax)

Pocket monthly planner / Link

Alright sorry, this is not an agenda. But how cool is it? / link

Black Hustle Daily Planner / link 

Wow, this lady looks like me (same shirt, same tattoo position and font) / link

A very girly one / link

Custom color? Yes, please! / link

Great idea! I'm actually in need of this blog post planner / link

Hope you liked this one. Which agenda will you grab for 2016?


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