sabato 7 novembre 2015

Monte Busca Volcano: the smallest volcano in Italy

Today I've found something really odd in the obscure and hidden web.

I am Italian, and I didn't have idea that this thing really exists.
I'm speaking about the Monte Busca Volcano, located in the Emilia-Romagna region (Italy).

Actually, it is not a real volcano. 

Here's the explanation: the flame is the consequence of the mixing between the natural gas that comes outside the soil and the oxygen present in the air. The result is a constant flame that had been used during the WWII for cooking, warming and segnaling the presence of soldiers.

Nowadays is just a touristic attraction, not actually well known.

Since it is reachable only by car it is understandable why it is not much visited, but if you're planning a road trip in that part of the country it is absolutely a must-to-see.

Do not forget to visit Tuscany, Rimini, and the San Marino Republic near there!

Have a nice weekend!

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