giovedì 26 novembre 2015


It's really cold right now.
I'm sitting at my favorite cafe eating a brownie and sipping a cappuccino, trying to warm my fingertips.
Winter is here and Trieste is possibly the worst in this time of the year, because of the bora (a strong wind that blows just in this particular area).

Do you know what warms my heart like no heater can possibly do? Some good design pieces.
Here's what I've recently found on Etsy.

Art Print - Natural Living / Link

Pillow -  Handwoven Wool / Link

Fold Over Sling Bag with Genuine Leather Strap / Link

Coastal Cottages Tote Bag / Link 

Tray - Vases - Designed by Depeapa / Link

Frauklaner Icosahedron Planters (made of concrete) / Link

Campfire Stool / Link

Hope you had a great week so far.
See you next time!

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