lunedì 23 novembre 2015

MONDAY MORNING (afternoon) #6

Hello buskers!
How was your weekend?
Mine has been pretty busy and went from signing papers for an upcoming roller derby event to go enjoying a theatre show with my mum (hi, mum).

By the way, second time in a row being late for the monday morning post, I know. This morning I woke up later than usual (my biological alarm clock is set up for 8am but today rang one hour later) and I've started working on my laptop directly in bed.
That's a bad habit that I should break, but since it tends to happen just once a week I've decided to let it happen.

Speaking about habits, do you know how many objects you touch during a day (I can barely remember what I ate for lunch)?
Paola Zuccotti's project is a research through people's lives and habits and it also became a book, which we highly recommend. If you want to read through the project's history go here.

Esthera Preda's watercolor illustrations, because yes!

If you're a designer and you basically can't stand kitschy things (that's me), make sure to light up your Christmas with these graphic ornaments by Krogh Studio!

I've seen lots of animal shaped pillows around - yes, I'm talking with you, Tiger stores! - but this one is the best I've come across so far.

via Etsy 

Oh, and I've found this cool mug on Modcloth. Actually I'm a bit obsessed with mugs since I drink gallons of hot tea - also during summer, gh.

Hope you're having a nice monday!
Now it's time for roller derby training for me.
See you soon!

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