martedì 27 ottobre 2015

The Sea Awaits

The sea awaits. It sounds like a poetry for us.

The Sea Awaits - Gym bag

It all begins in Trieste, a seaside city in Italy where in July we participated the first handmade market of our life: Barbacan Produce.

It has been a funny and intense experience, where not only we have received feedbacks from our lovely customers but also we have had the occasion to meet so many wonderful sellers of different craftmade products.

During lunchtime I had not visited the market yet, so I decided to left my sister Irene for a while to look at what the others were doing meanwhile. 

As I said, there were a wide range of sellers and many different products but what caught my attention were some wooden made fishes. I met the artist, a nice guy called Lorenzo, 40 years old more or less, who told me that his "job" consists in gathering  from beaches some old wood branches which have been carried by the waves of the sea for many kilometers and time.
Lorenzo was so happy to tell me everything about him and his work, which he do not actually considers work at all but pure passion to do what he loves.

The Sea Awaits tote bag on the left, gym bag on the right

After this incredible and deep moment I came back to the Busking Bears' stand and told to my sister what happened to me few minutes before. Irene wrote down some notes and a quick illustration about fishes and the sea.

Trieste is a seaside, and every year in October one of the major sailing events happened to be in this city, the Barcolana competition.
It is a moment for the entire city to have fun, drink into the streets and taste new food coming from every place in the world. Furthermore, a new handmade market edition of Barbacan Produce took place during the Barcolana event.

We decided to participate again to the handmade market in Trieste with some products that are dedicated to the sea and that can inspire someone to travel because The Sea Awaits You.

The Sea Awaits gym bag on Busking Bears' shop: LINK
The Sea Awaits light blue tote bag on Busking Bears' shop: LINK
The Sea Awaits navy tote bag on Busking Bears' shop: LINK

Have a nice day sailors!

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