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Saturday Suggestions: Trieste (Italy)

I'm so happy to write posts in this section called "Saturday Suggestion"! It excites me because it'll be a tour of every place I've been and where I've found serendipity.

Guess which place I want to start from? Yes you can read it in the title, Trieste.

During these last 3/4 years when I meet new non Italian people and they ask me which city I come from, our conversation goes like is: "I live a hundred kilometers to Venice" - "Oh really? I love Venice, but you're not so close to it. Where exactly do you live?" - "Well... it's a city called Trieste, next to the border with Slovenia, I don't think you..." - "Trieste?!? I know it! I've been there last year when bla bla bla...".

Trieste is known, and there's more than a reason for this.

Piazza Unità d'Italia

Let's say you've got just 5 minutes for visiting Trieste. The most important thing that I'd suggest you to watch is Piazza Unità d'Italia. A large square faced to the Adriatic Sea that used to be the old port of the city and nowadays it is a perfect example of Austro-Hungarian architecture, a nice environment for drinking a coffee, chatting and take some monumental pictures.

2 minutes from the square it is possible to admire the Canal Grande with its typical Austrian buildings and the S. Antonio church at the end of it.

Canal Grande

Or, if you just want to enjoy the sun no place is better than Molo Audace, in front of Piazza Unità d'Italia

Molo Audace

For those who are more willing to discover the Austrian origins of this city a must-to-visit is for sure the Miramare Castle, the old House of Habsburg.

Miramare Castle

The more I'm writing, the more I realize there are plenty of things worth to be discovered, as the Piazza Cavana.

Piazza Cavana

Do you like being immersed into the nature? Trieste is located next to a natural reserve called Val Rosandra.

Val Rosandra

And finally, my favourite one. If you like handmade markets as much as we do you cannot miss the Barbacan Produce market in Piazza Barbacan which takes place every three months.

Barbacan Produce in Piazza Barbacan

Do you want to know more about this splendid city? Leave us a comment in the section below or in our Facebook page. We'll be glad to answer to every single question.

Have a nice weekend guys, I hope I've inspired you for an outdoor trip to Trieste.

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