lunedì 14 dicembre 2015


Oh, the road to Christmas.
Are you enjoying all the street lights and the inevitable thought of the upcoming family reunion?
We sure do.
But let us guide you through the last week before Christmas with some good old inspirational things (that may or may not help you out with the Christmas presents).

Above: DIY Advent totems via Heju

Below: Rorschach Type Project by Iaia Ioio Studio.
Very interesting!

An interesting project about getting dressed every day
( via Rookie Mag )

An amazing creative Photo Booklet about Berlin by Camille Palandjian, made after a trip to the german capital during this year. We love it!

Now sit back, relax and watch Grimes' documentary "Art Angel".

"At first, I guess, there was just Grimes," she says in the documentary. "I don't technically have control of her narrative anymore—she very much exists in pop culture now. Grimes as one person cannot represent more than a couple of ideas. That's why I started developing some of the other characters, like really abstract from who I am and how I am."

Have a nice day and week!


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