lunedì 7 dicembre 2015


Last weekend couldn't have been more satisfying than this:



I've organized an event in Trieste, involving Dr. Pira (a famous comic artist), people from Corpoc (you may remember them since they've printed some Busking Bears' tshirts) and a couple of friends who own a distro (so many fanzines where settled on the table).
It was great and inspiring and now that I'm done with this task I can focus on the next one (a roller derby event eheh).

My first suggestion for today is Dr. Pira himself. He started making comics in the late 90s and he basically never stopped. His style is crazy and random, I like it! The comics are all in italian and you can read them online on 
To know more about the trilogy "Gatto Mondadory" click here.

Today I've been quite impressed by the work on "Sociedad Anonima" an eclectic mexican studio.
Click here and take a look at their portfolio.

The next pick is something nice to watch.
"Forest 500" is the world's first ratings agency for rainforests. It tracks how key companies, investors and governments are performing in the race to remove deforestation from global supply chains.
'Forest 500' was produced for the COP 21 Climate Conference in Paris, 2015. It is the third film Moth Collective has made for the Global Canopy Programme, a tropical forest think tank working to demonstrate the scientific, political and business case for safeguarding tropical forests as natural capital.
To find out more about Forest500 and the Global Canopy Programme, visit and

Forest 500 from Moth on Vimeo.

Speaking about Climate Change, here's Andreco 's last piece in Paris.
More on his instagram.

Something nice to own and play with: City Scratch-off Maps
(via Chronicle Books)

Hope you're having a nice day!
See you on thursday for the etsy finds.

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